Marketing Goals

Understand Market

To do marketing that is right on target and efficient, then a marketing manager must understand market conditions and consumers. This is because both are potential targets that must be achieved by a company.

The market conditions here are not only a growing trend among consumers, but also competitors for the products produced.

In addition, must understand the growing needs, wants and tastes of the market itself, a consumer’s purchasing power of the product.

As well as the advantages and disadvantages of a product so that it affects the buyer’s decision to get the product.

Creating Products according to Needs

Products that meet the needs can ensure the continuity of the company. Therefore, it is important for a marketing manager to know which products are developing.

Thus, when companies innovate on a product, it can be in accordance with consumer needs.

To be able to create products according to these needs cannot be separated from understanding the market and consumers.

Thus, the product design and development party can adjust their products according to customer needs.

Building Product Image

The next marketing goal is to build a product image so that it has a good name and is easily recognized by consumers.

So, when the product is popular and easy to find, it will indirectly increase the company’s sales and profits.

Building a product image can be done through promotion, either by advertising, promotion directly or indirectly.

Generally, advertising has a great influence on product image. In addition, products can be introduced through special events that have the same or almost the same theme as the products or services to be marketed.

So, buyers will gather in one activity. Indirectly, the products offered will begin to be known by the public.

Achieving a Constructed Image

The image of a product is very important to be built and attached to the uniqueness of the product. For example, facial care products must have the image of a woman’s beauty.

Electronic products must have an image that highlights the sophistication of a technology and is a symbol of the modernization of an era. To be able to achieve the desired image of a product can use various ways.

One of them uses a celebrity who is able to represent the image of the product. In addition, it can also be built through advertisements or certain events that represent the image of the product.

Thus, the product or service produced has a uniqueness and image that is easily remembered by consumers.


Sales is the main purpose of a marketing is done. To be able to achieve a sales target that has been set by the marketing manager, a marketing strategy is designed and carried out by the team.

A marketing manager must be able to forecast demand and sales targets for each period. Thus, the company is still able to run and meet targets.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is the main target that must be achieved from the marketing objectives.

A consumer who is satisfied with a product, even loyal to use it and does not switch to another product is a target that must be met.

The existence of this consumer loyalty, can indirectly increase the number of new customers and ultimately increase sales.

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