Office Administration Job Description and Duties

Regarding the definition of office administration management is part of management that provides information on administrative services needed to carry out activities effectively and have a smooth impact on other fields.

Office management means a management of written data and information that is carried out regularly, systematically and continuously following the organization’s activities, with the aim of shaping the success of the organization concerned. Thus the office management function is the same as the management function in general, where the management is focused on the scope of office work.

The job description of an office administration clerk covers a wide range of functions. Administrative staff are responsible for the operation of the organization and the duties include all functions from managing human resources to balancing financial assets, depending on the policies and working conditions of the organization. Office administration employees are responsible for carrying out various organizational activities in line with the mission and vision of the organization.

The task of an office administration is indeed to be multi-tasking, besides having to carry out administration, it is also a good interaction with employees and also company owners. What exactly are the duties and responsibilities of a financial administration employee?

The person who oversees the day-to-day functioning of the staff and ensures productivity with quality inspections of work.

Office administration employees must conduct job interviews and sometimes select candidates and then train them if necessary to ensure all work is in line with agency standards, budgets and regulations.

Office clerks assist and support new employees by educating and training new employees and also giving them an idea of their specific responsibilities and also communicating terms and conditions of work. Basically helping them fully to introduce new employees to the institution.

Office clerks must manage and manage payroll and will then ensure the accuracy, time and efficiency of employee payroll distribution.

Office administration employees must carry out continuous evaluation and assessment of staff work performance and assist in the promotion process.

Office administration employees are also involved in basic institutional work such as planning, organizing and managing various activities.

The office administration officer will handle various activities with great care and through his observations are responsible for making crucial recommendations to management as well as handling specific activities with the company.

Office clerks must issue annual expense estimates and write down company spending rules.

The task of office administration employees is as a medium between employees and the company to build coordination and communication between the two. His job is also to communicate with employees and their relationships at the highest level of the organization and work to maintain an effective working relationship within the organization.

Office administration employees perform a series of secretarial functions for committees or organizations. The skills and specialization needed by an office administrator are the ability to work alone and work in a team. The person must have good communication skills both oral and written, must be able to function as a liaison between employees and the company. The experience and educational qualifications required by the person to become an office administration employee are a bachelor’s degree in management and knowledge of labor regulations and must also be literate computer. Some know previous experience will be a plus for management.

• Office Administration Officer Duties

The duties of an office administration clerk will vary between companies, but there are some primary skills required for this position. Among his most important tasks are communication and organization.

Excellent telephone, written and spoken skills are vital skills, because you will be in daily correspondence with very important people. Since administrative clerks are responsible for almost all jobs, strong organizational skills are required for success in this position.

Answering the phone Answering the phone is a necessary task for this job. Office administration employees must have good telephone answering skills and a pleasant friendly voice. As an office administrator, you will speak to consumers, dealers, and other professionals. You may be required to answer questions, find out addresses or forward callers to other company representatives.

Scheduling, If you are a single office administration employee at a company, you will likely be responsible for maintaining the scheduling of corporate rendezvous and events. You are likely to be accountable to one person or a holistic staff. Examples include matters such as setting up appointments with clients or planning weekly staff rendezvous. In some cases, the office clerk also serves as a personal assistant so you may also be taking care of the lawn or pool cleaner, confirming dinner reservations or preparing travel accommodations for your boss.

Communication, As an office administrator, you will likely be the voice of the company, often speaking on behalf of your boss. Because of this task, having exemplary interpersonal skills is a very significant prerequisite. You will not only communicate with people inside or outside the company, you will also be responsible for conveying important company information. Communication will take place face-to-face, by telephone, by letter, fax, and by e-mail .

Data entry Depending on the company and profession, you may be responsible for creating and maintaining spreadsheet data or entering information into company databases. For example, an office clerk at a construction company might store worksheet data from local suppliers and material prices. Most companies also keep detailed records of consumer information: addresses, contact numbers, email addresses and service records.

Organizing, This is the most inclusive and perhaps the most important category. Administrators provide a touch of organization and efficiency throughout the office and in other aspects of the company. They do this through maintaining an orderly and tidy filing system