Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan or marketing plan is a form of management process that leads to a marketing strategy in which the main objective is to achieve the marketing objectives, so that the marketing plan is implemented in a series of steps, a systematic process and coordination decisions are made.

The term marketing plan may be familiar to business people. This is because expertise in developing marketing plans is critical to the success of the most profitable business objectives.

Companies that can implement good and strategic marketing planning can generate effective and efficient profits. This includes marketing plans in the economy, such as gathering information, disseminating information, advertising strategies, and coordinating marketing. All these components are also a form of business tactics to use resources as effectively as possible.

Understanding Marketing Plans According to Experts

To better understand what a marketing plan is, let’s refer to the experts. Among others are:

1. Kurowski and Sussman

According to Kurowski & Sussman “a document consisting of an analysis of the current marketing situation in the form of an analysis of opportunities and risks, marketing objectives, marketing strategies, then a program of action and also forecasted / pro forma revenues”.

2. Malcom McDonald

Understand the marketing plan as a management process that leads to the marketing plan.
The plan is a logical sequence and series of activities that lead to the definition of marketing objectives and the creation of plans to achieve the objectives.

Marketing Plan at a Glance

As mentioned earlier, a Marketing Plan is a form of planning that deals with how a company will operate marketing. The Marketing Plan is generally helpful in determining how the company can put its marketing strategy into practice.

The main topic of the Marketing Plan is the company’s human resources department. This is because the Marketing Plan plays a role in determining and ensuring how the company’s human resources can do what is planned. To build effective marketing, you must set clear goals for achieving your business’ long-term strategic goals.

For example, if you have a specific target customer, your marketing plan should lead to that goal. The Marketing Plan also includes a grace period and approval of the marketing budget to prioritize

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