5+ General Administration Staff Duties & Warehouse Admin Duties, HRD etc

Administrative Staff Duties – Administration is a part or division that must exist in every company. This division is run by several people who are commonly referred to as administrative staff. This division is also led by the head of administration who is in charge of supervising the performance of all his staff.

Both leaders and staff, all elements in the division must work together in running the company’s administration. Administration itself can be interpreted as all company activities that aim to achieve its targets.

Administrative tasks ranging from planning, preparing reports, recording, to matters relating to administration. So, actually the administrative division’s tasks are quite a lot so it requires a lot of staff.

General Admin Duties

The detailed duties of administrative staff for each company can also be different. This depends on the type, direction, and goals of the company itself. However, in general the duties of administrative staff can be summarized into several points as below.

  1. Recap Company Data

The first task of the administrative staff is to recap all the data related to the company. The data in question can include many things, ranging from transactions, employee and consumer information, to those related to company activities.

This recap itself includes the process of collecting, processing, and storing data, both in writing and computerized. Data recap is useful for documenting company data in a complete and more organized manner.

So, when you need data for a particular purpose, the company will not be bothered to get it. All information has been neatly collected in the administration section and just use it as needed.

A simple example is when a company wants to apply for insurance for employees. It could also be when the company wants to send a letter to its business partners. At times like this, companies definitely need complete data such as names or addresses.

This is where the usefulness of the data recap is carried out by the administrative staff. The administrative staff only needs to collect data once, but it can be used many times for different purposes.

For some companies, especially large scale, usually the data recap is not entirely the responsibility of the administration. Data recap is actually carried out by a more specialized section or division, for example product data is recapitulated by the warehouse or sales department.

However, the head of administration still has the responsibility to collect all data from each existing division. The collected data is then processed and stored in a database.

2. Create a Data Archive

The next task of the administrative staff is to create and maintain company records. The archive itself is a variety of documentation related to the company, whether it is in the form of writing, pictures/photos, or videos.

All companies must have a very large number of documents. The administrative staff’s job is not only to collect and store them in one place, but also to process them so that documents can be more organized.

In today’s era, making data archives more often using computers or electronic devices. In addition to speeding up work, archives containing important documents can be safer even if they are stored for a long time.

3. Receiving and Making Phone Calls

The administration department is in charge of communication between the company and external parties, both calling and receiving incoming calls. So, administrative staff are not only skilled in data collection, but are also required to have good communication skills.

However, some large-scale companies usually have separated this communication task from administrative staff, especially when dealing with consumers. Companies generally form other divisions such as customer service to respond to customers.

Because consumer affairs have been separated, the administrative staff is more focused on office communication with other companies. Usually this communication relates to cooperation or certain agendas.

4. Prepare and Manage Office Agenda

Every company must have certain work programs or activities that they want to carry out, both inside and outside the office. Things like this are also the responsibility of the administrative staff.

The administrative staff is tasked with preparing the agenda of activities, from the schedule to the technical implementation. Examples of the agenda in question can be in the form of internal meetings or within the company. All meeting preparations are usually handled by administrative staff.

Another example is when the office plans to carry out activities outside, such as comparative studies with other companies. In activities like this, the administrative staff is also tasked with preparing everything.

While still coordinating with other divisions, administrative staff must schedule visits, determine the number of departing people, prepare accommodations, arrange events sequences, and even handle what equipment is needed.

In addition to coordinating internally, administrative staff must also communicate with external parties related to the agenda, one of which is the company that will be the destination of the comparative study. This is done so that office events can run smoothly.

5. Preparation and Delivery of Letters/Packages for Office Use

Management of the letters that enter or leave the office is the responsibility of the administration. The administrative staff is in charge of checking, sorting, or sorting all incoming mail to the company.

For letters to be sent to outside parties, the administrative staff is also responsible for compiling or making them, of course with the approval of the company leader. These letters are usually addressed to other companies, clients, or business associates.

Not only limited to letters, the delivery of goods for relations in the form of greeting cards, parcels, or other documents is also handled by administrative staff. Again, all these deliveries must be in accordance with the instructions of the company leader.

Finally, administrative staff are required to record or archive all incoming and outgoing letters. In essence, all activities related to the company must be archived because the data can be needed at any time.

6. Taking care of Office Supplies

A company can run well if it is supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure, one of which is office equipment. This equipment can be in the form of stationery (office stationery), computers, photocopiers, or other items.

Procurement of goods is usually handled by the administrative division, either by making direct purchases or by cooperating with other parties.

For example, a food company cooperates with a plastic entrepreneur to procure wrap/packaging.

Procurement of goods like this is also carried out by administrative staff with established procedures. Each company must have a different policy in terms of procedures, but generally carried out with the following stages:

Collect data about what equipment is needed by the company.

Make an application letter regarding the request for goods.

Coordinate with treasurer or finance staff. The treasurer will later check the list of items needed as well as adjust it to the company’s budget.

Seek approval from company leaders.

Carry out the purchasing process if it has been approved by the leadership.

Check the goods that have been purchased, whether the quality and quantity are in accordance with the needs of the office.

The purchased equipment will be stored in the company’s warehouse or directly distributed to office units in need.

Administrative Staff Duties

In general, admin tasks are usually associated with recording, storing and receiving important letters or documents within the company environment according to established rules.

In addition, the scope of administrative work is mostly only done in the office without having to go into the field, because this is what makes this profession much in demand by millennials.

Actually the administrative tasks themselves are divided into several sectors such as warehouse admin, marketing, HRD, operations and many others. The following will explain in detail the admin tasks in each of these sectors.

A. Warehouse Admin Duties

Someone who works as a warehouse admin must be fully responsible for recording the existing stock of goods, but not only that, other warehouse admin duties also include:

Record all forms of order requests to meet warehouse supply

Make a travel letter every time there is a delivery

Check and record all data related to shipping needs

Organize the stock of goods according to the group

Schedule the process of repairing warehouse facilities and infrastructure on a regular basis

Make weekly reports

B. Marketing Admin Duties

Admin marketing or sales have an important role in marketing a product to consumers. As for someone who serves as a marketing admin must carry out his duties which include:

Handling incoming and outgoing letters, such as offer letters, distribution letters, document letters

Perform data entry related to invoices and sales notes, credit notes/returns, travel documents

Check the correctness of all sales documents according to the data

Handle and file cash sales and credit sales according to standards

Check and plan weekly/monthly operational costs

Handling all forms of sales promotion

Making accounting reports

C. HRD Admin Duties

To keep the industrial relations between the company and employees running well, the role of the HRD admin here is very much needed.

In addition, an HRD admin must also be responsible for managing employee attendance, recording annual leave, and other tasks as below:

Conducting selection and promotion of eligible employees in the company

Prepare employment contracts for new employees

Compile a list of attendance or absenteeism

Coordinate and socialize to employees

Update company data records on an ongoing basis

Prepare various kinds of internal and outgoing letters

C. Operational Admin Duties

The operational admin has an important role, especially in ensuring that all company operations are organized, both at the top level (managerial) and to the bottom level (blue-color staff). In addition, operational admin duties also include:

Ensure supplies of office stationery

Prepare accommodation and tickets if there are activities or visits outside the office

Compile and collect documents

Coordinate with other division admins if there is a joint meeting

Ensure all operations are running according to schedule