Administrative Staff Duties

In a company or agency there are various divisions to be able to run the company well. One of the divisions in a company is the administration section.

In general, the task of this administrative staff is to organize a data or activity in order to create a system or goal in the company and agency that can be achieved properly.

Considering the importance of this division, many universities and even vocational schools in this country have opened administration majors.

So that the graduates are ready to make more contributions to the company or agency with a clear and directed job desk. Well, for more details, about the administrative staff, we will describe the following review below!

Definition of Administration

Before moving on to the discussion of administrative staff, it’s good to know in advance about the meaning of administration.

Etymologically, this administration comes from the Latin, namely Ad which means ministrare and intensive. When translated into Indonesian, it means to fulfill and serve.

In the broadest sense, administration is the activity of planning, directing, organizing, organizing, and supervising work related to activities in the office or agency.

Administrative Staff Duties

What is office administration staff

Of course, this administrative staff has its own task so that the work in the company can be carried out properly. In general, the administrative staff has the task of recapitulating data, managing documents and keeping it organized.

In addition, the coordination of tasks from the administration is in harmony and is closely related to the company’s management so that good chemistry is needed to make this happen.

The other duties of the Administrative Staff are as follows :

  1. Archive Data

The usual task for administrative staff is to archive data. This needs to be done so that the existing data is easy to manage and the data and documents can be well organized.

2. Enterprise Data Entry

In addition to archiving data, the administration department also needs to enter or recap data in the company.

The data recap can come from clients or consumers who have worked with or are loyal to the company.

If the company has developed well again, data recording is usually assisted by the warehouse division, so the task of the administration is to recap the conclusions that have been made by other divisions.

Therefore, an administrative staff is required to have the accuracy to be able to recap the company’s data.