Steps to Create a Marketing Plan

1.   Create an Executive Summary

To ensure that those who work with you understand about your company, in your marketing plan, you must explain the ins and outs of the company you are running.

2.   Define Target Customers

You must determine the target customer in the marketing plan that you prepare. The more specific it is, the easier it will be to attract the attention of your target customer.

3. Explain Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Describe carefully some of the uniqueness of the products or services you offer. With the USP whose products and services are described in the marketing plan,

4.  Define Pricing Strategy and Positioning

You can determine the right ‘positioning’ and price range for the products and services you have so that you can give the right image for your brand.

5.  Plan Clear Distribution Activities

You can plan distribution activities to sell your products and services. You can choose the selling media or sales activities that are suitable to be applied to the products and services offered.

6.  Offer What You Can Give

You can also provide other offers to your target customers and existing customers such as shopping vouchers, free trials, or packages with special prices.

7.  Make a To-Do List  Marketing

In order to achieve high sales figures, you have to think about what things will be needed by the marketing team when preparing a marketing plan to market your products or services.

8.   Develop a Promotion Strategy

So that the marketing activities carried out can run smoothly, it’s a good idea if you immediately draw up a promotional strategy that is in accordance with the field of your company in the marketing plan that you will prepare.

9.  Prepare an Online Marketing Strategy

Don’t forget about online marketing activities! In this modern era, many internet users are looking for information in order to fulfill their needs.

10. Design a Conversion Strategy

You can use a conversion strategy. Conversion strategy is a way in which you can convert potential customers to use the products or services that you offer.

11. Collaborating

You can collaborate with other companies, by finding out various companies that have products or services that are complementary to the products and services you offer.

12. Try the Referral Strategy

Want to make your brand more recognized? Make sure you run the referral strategy well so that every customer will tell you about their satisfaction when using the product or service you offer.

13. Detailed Strategy to Increase Sales

To increase sales figures, you must prepare a suitable strategy to be applied to your business in preparing a marketing plan.

 14. Use Retention Strategy

To retain your customers, you can use retention strategies such as sending out newsletters every month, or providing various prizes for the customer loyalty program.

15.  Estimate the Details of the Financial Plan

The details of the financial plan that you make will certainly not be 100% accurate. However, by making this estimate in a marketing plan, you can outline the plan of activities that you will do in the next few months or years.

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