Line Dance A Symbol Of The Toughness Of The Soldiers Bali

A PAIR of men dressed in colorful costumes and headdresses of the cone-shaped. With bulging eyes, the ever-changing, both play movement of the spinning tub warrior ready for battle. Gamelan Bali to make the audience increasingly carried away and enjoying the delights of the dance line charmingly.

Line dance is an integral part of Balinese life. This dance is closely linked to the men. Usually taught as a first dance to every boy in Bali before they grow up.

Line dance ritual usually performed in groups 8 to 40 people, are line dance non-ritual performed 1-2 people sajaSalah one distinctive feature of the line dance is a head covering triangular shaped with rows of shells that lined vertikalKedua the shoulders of the dancers lifted up almost as high as the ears, symbolizing the prowess of a prajuritTari line usually being the first dance taught to the boys of Bali before moving dewasaSelain line dance ritual, is also developing the type of line dance that is performed as entertainment rakyatPenari line using colorful costumes, dangling down, and rests on the pundakDelik the eye of the dancer capricious symbolizes the warrior is always aware of the situation in sekitarnyaTari line was originally developed as one component of the complement of a religious ritual HinduSecara visual fashion the dancers line non-ritual look more rich in color compared to line dance ritualKostum dancer line that expands when spun gives a dramatic effect on the choreography presented

According to I Made Bandem in “The Line Dance”, was published the journal ethnomusicology whilst, Vol. 19, No. 2, May 1975, the name of the line comes from the word “bebarisan”, which literally means a line or formation marching. This refers to the forces of the ancient Balinese who used the king-king Bali to protect their kingdom kala gets disorders. In addition to the function of the ritual, the line is also known as dance patriotic or dance practice. Usually performed by men, in a group of four to 60 dancers.

“The function of ritual dance line is to show the maturity of the physical. Maturity is evidenced by demonstrating skills in the practice of the military, in particular the use of weapons; then the aspect of patriotic also given at the dance,” said Bandem.

The existence of the dance line tersua in the Kidung Sunda bertitimangsa 1550 M. The text refers to the presence of seven types of bebarisan (martial dance) that is performed during the celebration of the funeral ceremony, which lasted about five weeks and is organized by Hayam Wuruk, the greatest king of Majapahit.

Ida Rsi Supreme Wayabya Suprabhu Sagata Reefs in the “Sacred Values in Joged Pingitan and Line Ceremony” in the book Art of the Sacred: Dance Joged Pingitan and Line the Ceremony, calling the existence of this dance is revealed in the manuscripts of Usana Bali. Mentioned after the defeat of Mayadenawa, king of Bedahulu the despot, the God Indra build Heaven in Kedisan, Tihingan, Manukraya, and Kaduhuran. After that ceremony is held and the crowd. The widyadari dance rejang, widyadara dancing line, and gandharwa playing gamelan.

“Since it is told, in the temple held a dance rejang and the line,” said Ida Rsi Supreme Wayabya Suprabhu Sagata Coral.

So, based on the initial appearance, the line dance is a part of religious rituals. This type of dance is called the dance line ceremony or line dance gede. The dance performed in groups of eight to 40 people, with knick-knacks of the appendages in the form of traditional weapons that vary depending on the origin of the area of each dance.

According to I Nyoman Catra in “Review of Aspects of the Art Joged Pingitan and Line Ceremony” in the book Art of the Sacred: Dance Joged Pingitan and Line the Ceremony, the naming of line dance ceremony is often identified from the weapons, the tools of the ceremony that were taken, the colors used, or the peculiarities of the repertoire of the dance.

“A wide variety of types of line dance ceremony whose population is pretty much owned by various indigenous organizations/religious scattered in all corners of the village on the Island of Bali,” wrote I Nyoman Catra.

In its development, emerging a new variant of the dance line, namely the line dance single. He is a dance of non-sacred staged as entertainment of the people. This dance is performed by 1-2 dancer and characterized from the dancer’s movements are more energetic and more fashion colored.

Dance single row tells the story of a young man who is brave and has the nature of soldiering and heroism. This dance also describe the soul’s maturity and confidence of a soldier who is shown through movement of steady, dynamic, and straightforward.

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