Barong dance: Dance of Bali Arts festival and its Meaning

The province of Bali is very popular because it has an exotic and awesome. Not only attract domestic tourists, many tourists who once fell in love with Bali. First, this island also store a variety of art that interesting to be discussed. One of them is the Barong dance of Bali we will review complete.

Want to know more about the barong dance Bali this? Let’s see the explanation of the definition, the history, functions, types of performances, movements, costumes, properties, and keuikan-uniqueness that exist in the barong dance to this.

Understanding The Barong Dance

Bali has elements of tradition and culture are very diverse. This is one reason why Bali is able to attract local and foreign tourists. The province is dominated by the Hindu that have unique cultures. One of them is the Barong dance which we will review.

The History Of The Barong Dance In Bali

Discuss the history of the Barong dance in Bali, it turns out that until now there are still some version of an oft-told. The first version of ie to convey that this traditional dance is called has been in Indonesia since the first as the art of Austronesian peoples. Art that contains the story of the Bhatara Pancering Jagat and his wife, Queen Ayu Dalem Basis.

Another version called if the Barong dance of Bali is taken from the story of the sacred on Itihasa Bali. The story tells the story of Barong and Rangda who has a relationship with the story of Shiva when searching for the Goddess Uma.

In addition, the story presented also customize the social conditions of the people of Bali. Where the function barong then turned into a spiritual means for the local community. Not to mention the show but the procession of the sacred that is highly respected.

For the people of Bali, Barong dance is believed to exist since the 19th century. Dance of the archipelago is displayed for the first time in the presence of the King Kelungkung. When Ida I Dewi Agung Sakti ask show similar puppet people with the 36 dancers.

The art of dance, this then became popularly known as the Barong Kadingkling or Barong Bablasan. Arguably, the majority of people know this dance.

The Function Of The Barong Dance In Bali

The Barong dance of Bali until now, is still considered sacred to the local community. They trust if this dance can serve as a repellent disaster. Especially as a medium of the expulsion of the disease caused by the Leak. For additional information, Leak this is the name for the evil spirits that disturb the life of the Balinese people.

In the Barong dance of Bali, pinned also to some degree high on a par with the gods. In Hinduism, the following three examples of titles that are the most common there:

• Ratu Sakti

• Ratu Gede

• Ratu Lingsir

It is because of the trust against the Barong which can drive away evil spirits, so it is also symbolized as the embodiment of the God Brahma. However, the function of the Barong dance of Bali has experienced a shift due to the development of the social culture of the Balinese people.

There are those who enable it as a means of entertainment, most still regard it as a cultural sacred.

For that, it was decided staging Barong Profane which is expected to be menjati the middle point between the sacred and the presence or absence of the Barong dance of Bali.

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