understanding digital marketing according to experts

What do you know about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing activity or promotion of a brand or product using digital media or the internet. As we know, the acceptance of technology and the internet in society is very broad, so we are not surprised that digital marketing activities are the main choice by companies.

The following is the definition of Digital Marketing according to experts:

According to Coviello, Milley and Marcolin (2001:26): The use of the internet and the use of other interactive technologies to create and connect dialogues between companies and identified consumers.
According to Chaffey (2002:14):
The application of digital technology that forms online channels to the market (website, e-mail, database, digital TV and through various other latest innovations including blogs, feeds, podcasts, and social networks) that contributes to marketing activities

According to Urban (2004:2):
Using the internet and information technology to expand and enhance traditional marketing functions. This definition concentrates on all traditional marketing. We can also state that opinions such as “interactive marketing”, one-to-one marketing and “e-marketing” are closely related to “digital marketing”.

According to Kleindl & Burrow (2005):
The process of planning and implementing an idea or concept, pricing, promotion and distribution. Marketing can be interpreted more simply, namely the development and maintenance of mutually satisfying relationships between companies and consumers.

According to Heidrick & Struggless (2009: 1):
The development of digital marketing through the web, mobile phones and gaming devices, offers new access to unspoken and powerful advertising. So why don’t marketers across Asia shift their budgets away from traditional marketing such as TV, radio and print media towards new technology media and more interactive media.

According to Ridwan Sanjaya & Joshua Tarigan (2009:47):
Marketing activities include branding using various web-based media such as blogs, websites, e-mail, adwords, or social networks. Of course digital marketing is not just talking about internet marketing.

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