InVision Studio

Initially, InVision offered cloud-based services that were integrated with design applications such as Sketch and Photoshop. Now, InVision offers a full-featured, attractive and easy-to-learn interface design.
The main feature of InVision is the ability to create easy and dynamic motion animations. This ability is called difficult to compete with other applications.
Furthermore, the convenience feature makes it easier for users to work in teams. You and your team can work on each task at once in one frame.
InVision has a responsive artboard, so you can simply create one prototype for multiple devices. This will help and give you time in building the website.
The benefits are Freehand, Prototype, Design Guide, and many others that we can use in doing a website design job or mobile application. Later we will collaborate more often using the Freehand feature that has been provided by InVision on the official website. InVision is also able to accommodate visual design needs that can be directly applied in the form of product prototypes. This certainly makes it easier for designers to revise and develop their products without having to open other tools. In addition, every year, the InVision development team always embeds the latest features so that the latest website and application development trends can be directly felt by UX designers who use them.


Design collaboration with the team
Easy to use UI
Integration with Sketch makes prototypes easy to upload


The application is quite heavy

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