Bluefish is one of the most popular website design apps today. With the main focus of HTML, the interface design of this application is text only, perfect for those of you who like a clean look on the interface. Although based on HTML, Bluefish supports other programming languages, including PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL, XML and CSS.

In addition to its very small size, Bluefish has a good search function, allowing you to find text in multiple projects at once. Bluefish can also be run on multiple platforms. For those of you who are used to website design applications that have a visual interface, it will take some time for you to get used to it.

Bluefish advantages:

  • In the latest version, Bluefish has an auto completion pop-up facility which is very helpful. This facility will provide various syntax suggestions that are quite complete.
  • This application does not require a lot of RAM resources.
  • Has tools that will be useful for web designers.
  • Free and Open Source.
  • Auto-recovery on documents or program syntax if one day it suddenly dies.
  • Auto tag closing, automatically closing certain web programming language tags, such as tags in HTML tags.
  • Cross Platform, Bluefish can run well on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Powerful features, the most sought after and preferred feature in Bluefish is the autocomplete syntax.

How to Install Bluefish:

  1. Enter terminal or shell (ctrl+alt+t) then enter root, then type ” sudo apt-get update ” to update.

2. After that install it by typing the command “apt-get install bluefish”.

Bluefish installation is complete.

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