Dance Paradise, Bali – Picture Of The Love Story Of A Pair Of Birds Of The Gods

Dance Paradise. If in Papua there are birds of Paradise, Bali is also known similar terms to refer to the name of a dance. In accordance with the naming, dance Paradise’s closely related to birds typical of the Land of Papua. This dance depicts the romance of birds of Paradise in the “mengawan” (season matchmaking).

Dance Paradise presented by two female dancers to portray the male birds and female birds. To illustrate the mating ritual typical of Paradise where the stud requires preparation and training, dancer male birds will dance first, then followed by the dancers female birds and they both dance together.

Times mengawan birds of Paradise in the mountains of Irian Jaya depicted full of joy. The dance shows how excited these birds, playing and chasing each other. To be expressive, the male show off the beautiful feathers of rich color on the female which is indeed its fur is not as beautiful as the male birds.

With Dance Grouse and Manukrawa Dance, dance this complements the birds dance in Bali. The forerunner of this dance comes from I Gede Manik in the 1920s. However, that version is very different from the dance that is commonly displayed. Dance Paradise that is now often performed is the result of arrangement choreography N. L. N. Swasthi Wijaya Bandem in 1988.

The Presentation Of Motion Dance Paradise

As Balinese dance, Dance Paradise, serving a variety of motion refers to the motion the dance traditions in Bali and meet the 4 elements anyway, namely agem, away, badminton, and yankin’. However, this dance is also presenting some of the movements that have been developed to represent the behavior of Paradise when the met in season arranged marriage.

One of the motion signature is located on the agem open, right hand rather straight, while the left hand is angled (agem right). The palm of the hand facing the back, wrist bent and the fingers open. There is also a movement kecas-kecos and maaras-arasan done by developing wings. The following details the range of motion of this dance :


• 1 dancer :

o Ngumbang, wren nut daddy, agem right, sledet, nyregseg agem left, sledet.

o Wren nut daddy, kipek-kipek, agem right sledet, done also to the left. Gandang uri, tanjek right, agem facing the right corner of the left front, ngengsog, nyalud tanjek, sledet corner

o Nyregseg while developing wings, agem the right and the left, the regional representative-regional representative as rubbed his fur. Terminated ngagem and sledet, ngumbang right left, tanjek, ngegol, kecas kecos, makesiab, ngagem

• 2 dancers :

o Ngumbang, maaras-arasan


• Kickbacks-left, ngagem, luke nglimat, makecos, motion menjongkok like nginem yeh, skip, movement of the legs as ngehkeh, ngagem, mapincer with ngotag, kecas kecas, ngengsog, rewards, than the movements of the left, movements are carried out to the left.


• Face to face, ngegol exchange direction, dancers 1 ngagem, dancers 2 develop wings. Back to the place, the dancer 1 ngagem and movement kissing dancer 2 sitting.

• Ngumbang, maaras-arasan, tayung, dancers 1 ngumbang to the left and right with kipekan pay attention to the dancers 2 ngegol shows the beauty of the body and the wings. Then spinning, dancers 2 sat, dancers 1 stand, move from one place to the left and to the right counterclockwise. This movement is repeated 3 times facing back to front back to back, ended with ngengsog and ngagem


• Makesiab, desperate, ngegol by using the wings, nyregseg, ngumbang, ngagem right, left, piles agem right, ngelayak, spin, take wing, ngumbang

Makeup and Fashion Dance

Dancers use dressing and fashion in such a way as to represent the birds of Paradise. The top section is used kemben, the bottom use a long skirt patterned golden. Other accessories in the form of the crown of ornate crested stylish banner, bracelet shoulder, and a gold necklace. For the property, there is a sash and shawl bright to analogize the wings.

One of the important elements in cosmetology dance is located at the eye makeup. With a bandage black eye shadow, makeup made in such a way so that the ball of the eye the dancers look larger. Elements become important to show a strong impression on every movement of the eyeball. Motion eye is the most attractive part on the presentation of Dance Paradise’s.

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