On the other hand, an e-commerce business using a digital marketing strategy gives you the flexibility to work anywhere. However, you must continue to update digital marketing content such as online catalog updates, social media content, attraction (engagement with customers, and so on. Therefore, you must continue to monitor the flow of business with digital marketing strategies. Fortunately, now to monitor digital marketing strategy is easier to do because there are many applications that support your digital marketing strategy. Various mobile applications are available to help us monitor the implementation of the digital marketing strategy that we implement. The following are mandatory digital marketing applications for online store owners

1. Wanelo

This application is like a mall that accommodates various products from various stores. Wanelo is an abbreviation of want, need, and love which is an application from Deena Varshavkaaya based in San Francisco, America. Currently the Wanelo application has accommodated more than 12 million products from various online stores. The features offered by this application can support your digital marketing strategy well. To support your digital marketing strategy, this mobile application collects all product-related feeds in one place. This will make it easier for you to promote your store and products.

2. Google Analystic

Google Analytics is an application to monitor your website traffic. To make it easier for you to carry out your digital marketing strategy, Google Analytics is available in the form of a mobile application. This application will make it easier for us to track various things related to the progress of your digital marketing strategy such as traffic, keywords used, reach and so on. 

3. Facebook Business Page Manager

Currently Facebook is a platform that is often used in various digital marketing strategies. Facebook Business Page Manager will help you get and manage insights, leads, and other data that can be used to maximize ad campaigns in your digital marketing. In addition, various other features will make it easier for you to maximize all digital marketing campaigns through your Facebook Ads. This application will help you to classify and organize these various documents so that your desk does not need to be filled with these documents. You can scan documents for all bills, receipts, and receipts by taking pictures with the camera.

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