World Wide Web

WWW (World Wide Web) is an information space on the internet that is used by global identifiers called URLs to identify useful resources. The World Wide Web is a part of the internet that contains information, such as sound, video, images, and text. In short, the WWW is a system for transmitting and disseminating data through the internet network on a large scale, ie all over the world.

History of the WWW and its Development

The first time the term WWW was discovered by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. The following is an explanation regarding the development of the World Wide Web which has gone through a long history:

  • 1989: Tim Berners Lee of CERN (Laboratory of Particle Physics) located in Geneva, proposes a protocol on the internet that functions as an information distribution system. In addition, it allows a system to share info and even display it in graphic form and spread all over the world. Previously, web browsers were made on a text basis.
  • 1990: Tim Berners Lee discovers three basic technologies that form the basis of the web today, namely HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), URL (Uniform Resource Identifier), and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).
  • 1991: Tim Berners Lee invented the WWW. Initially he had a need to compile an archive of his research and then he developed Equire and this is where the origin of the WWW was born.
  • 1993: Marc Andersen and his team from NCSA, succeeded in making a graphics-based web browser for the X-Windows system and gave the name Mosaic. Then Mosaic became popular for both old and new users on the internet. NCSA then developed other versions of Mosaic for Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and NeXT-based computers.
  • 1994: Andersen split from NCSA. He and Jim Clark created Netscape which later replaced Mosaic’s fame as a web browser. In that year, CERN and MIT founded a consortium called the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) with the aim of establishing web technology standards.
  • 1995: At the end of the year, there were around 300,000 websites compared to the previous year, which was only 50 websites. In this year the WWW has succeeded in replacing FTP as the network with the highest traffic on the internet.
  • 2009: Tim Berners Lee founded the World Wide Web Foundation, which aims to share the open web with the wider community.

WWW Fungsi Functions

In general, there are four functions of the World Wide Web, including:

  • Web Mail Service

Web mail service is used to send electronic mail to other people. This service can be obtained for free or paid. Free email services, for example from,, and While paid email is usually for the needs of the company by using its own domain.

  • Search Engine

Search engine is a free service to find information based on certain keywords.

  • Web Hosting

Web hosting is a place to store a website’s database. A website can only be accessed if the website’s domain is connected to web hosting.

  • Portal

Portal is a service on the internet where there are several services at once, for example email, news, chat, question and answer. One portal that is quite popular is

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