Upset Because Panda Eyes Disturb Your Appearance? Come On, Get Rid Of It With The Following Tips!

A variety of routine day-to-day make areas of the face prone to be dull and darken. It was none other is caused due to the presence of muscle tissue that are experiencing stress after work.

One result that appears on the the face area is panda eyes or eye bags. Of course, the emergence of panda eyes can disrupt the appearance. Variety of makeup that you use on areas of the face can be no maximum.

So many people to be find a way to remove panda eyes. The term panda eyes appear due to the presence of the color black at the bottom of the eyes like a panda. Dark circles under the eyes is actually not dangerous, but quite disturbing.

Causes Of Panda Eyes

Black under the eyes it doesn’t appear without cause. There are a few things that could be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. These causes include:

• Sun exposure

• Factors genetic

• The production of melanin too much

• Aging

• The presence of a thyroid disorder

• Infection of the skin of the face

• The use of eye drops for glaucoma

• Tired eyes

• The habit of rubbing the under-eye area

• Dehydration

• Too often staring at a computer screen or mobile phone

• The effects of smoking

• Consume alcoholic beverages

• Lack of sleep or insomnia

• Allergies

How To Remove Panda Eyes

1. Avoid staying up late

In many cases, the most of staying up late at night could lead to the emergence of dark circles under your eyes. Well, therefore, avoid staying up until the early hours of the day. Try to sleep earlier than usual. Ideally, the sleep time is normal for adults ranges from 7-8 hours per night.

This way not only helps eliminate eye on, but can also improve your health overall. Because, getting enough sleep every day is the most fundamental requirement to keep the mind and body remain healthy. If the foundation is shaky, of lack of sleep can cause other health problems.

2. Cold compress

A cold compress can help relieve the swelling and shrink blood vessels, which dilate under the eyes. As a result, the circumference of the black at once eye bags are enlarged to slowly obscured.

How to remove panda eyes this requires ingredients such as a small towel that is clean and ice cubes. After that, wrap a few ice cubes using a small towel and then stick it right on the bottom of your eyes for approximately 20 minutes.

You can also wet a towel with cold water and wring out until damp. Then put a towel on the bottom of your eyes. Repeat this until the ice cubes are there in a towel to melt.

3. Use cucumber

If you did not find the tea bag, use cucumber fresh. How to remove panda eyes is very easy to do.

Prepare the cucumber is fresh and cold, cut into several pieces and put in on the bottom of your eyes. Paste the cucumber on the eyes for approximately 16 minutes. Active ingredient cucumber and the temperature of the coldness can help reduce swelling and dark circles on the eyes.

4. Disposable tea bags

In addition to using ice cubes and cold water, you also utilize the used tea bag. If drinking tea bags, do not rush to throw away the rest of the tea in the bag, because it turns out that the rest of the tea can be used to compress the eyes and black blemishes under the eyes.

Tea has caffeine and antioxidants that can help to improve blood circulation, shrink blood vessels, and reduce the liquid in the under eye area. Thus the eyes of a panda can be minimized.

5. Drink water

Darkening of the under-eye area is a sign of dehydration. In order for the skin around the eyes to return to normal, you need to increase your fluid intake. At least, you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, the intake may increase if you do strenuous activities or are in the sun for a long time.

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