Head lice are tiny parasites found on the human head. Lice that perch on the hair are also able to suck blood on the head to lay eggs there.

Head lice eggs are usually found in the hair near the scalp.

Symptoms for someone who is infected with head lice is itching on the scalp, ears, and neck.

This itching is caused by the saliva of the tick which causes an allergic reaction on the scalp.

Head lice themselves have six legs, are quite small, about the size of a sesame seed and are almost hair-like in color.

To avoid transmission of head lice, you should avoid direct head-to-head contact, use your own belongings including clothes, hats, hair clips, towels, pillows, combs, and mattresses.

However, if you are already infected with head lice, here has summarized powerful tips on how to get rid of head lice and their eggs naturally and permanently.

Listen carefully, yes!

1. Olive oil

 To get rid of head lice faster, try using olive oil. The page recommends that you apply olive oil all over your scalp and hair. After that, cover your head with a shower cap overnight. In the morning, comb your hair to remove dead head lice and then wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Repeat these steps regularly until the head lice are completely gone.

2. Vinegar and salt

The next natural ingredient that is suitable for use as a way to get rid of head lice is apple cider vinegar and salt. The combination of vinegar and salt effectively reduces moisture in the scalp and hair so that head lice can be lost. The way you need to do it is not difficult. Mix cup of vinegar and salt each and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair and cover your head with a shower cap for two hours then rinse with shampoo.

3. Tea tree oil

Another natural ingredient that recommends for getting rid of head lice is tea tree oil. First, mix 1 tsp of tea tree oil with 1 ounce of natural shampoo and 3 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix well then apply to hair. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

4. Garlic

Try using garlic as a way to get rid of head lice. The next way to get rid of head lice that you should not miss is to use garlic. Natural ingredients that have a distinctive and strong aroma that effectively eradicates head lice. You need to mash 10 cloves of garlic until smooth and then add lime juice. Apply the mixture on the scalp for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

Tips for Preventing Head Lice and Their Spread

You can prevent the appearance of head lice with the following simple steps:

• Periodically clean household items, such as bedding, bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters, hats, hair ties, and clothes that have been worn, using hot water and dry in hot weather.

• Clean items used for hair care, such as combs and hair accessories. Soak in hot water before washing using

• Avoid sharing combs, hats, hair accessories, helmets, and towels with other people.

• Avoid lying on beds, sofas, pillows, or carpets that have been used by people who have head lice.

• Immediately do a head lice check and take treatment to remove head lice if one of the family members has head lice.

How to get rid of head lice naturally with the methods above is indeed believed to be able to overcome the problem of head lice. However, this method has not been fully clinically proven. So there is still a possibility that this method is not effective.

If the above methods don’t work or you want faster and more effective results, you can try over-the-counter lice remedies. If necessary, consult a doctor for proper and safe treatment.

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