Apple M1, Apple-Made Chip To Replace Intel In Macbook Series

ofLast year, Qualcomm and Apple were still at loggerheads over chip design licensing policies. Both are suing each other for patent infringement.The case was finally settled with a $4.5 billion settlement paid by Apple, and Apple received a license for Qualcomm’s chipsets for the next six years.At first they were at odds, now the two are friends. Even Qualcomm actually praised the latest original chipset products made by Apple, namely the Apple M1. This is special because it comes from the world’s leading chipset manufacturer.Apple M1 itself is a chipset designed by Apple and built in collaboration with TSMC with a 5 nanometer process. This chipset is a replacement for the Intel chip which is now no longer dependent on Apple to be a MacBook processor.Launching The Verge, praise came from Cristiano Amon, who is none other than the President of Qualcomm. He said that his party was very pleased with the announcement of the presence of the Apple M1.”(The release of the Apple M1) validates our belief that mobile device users define what they expect from the PC experience,” said Amon.Of course it makes sense, because the better the user experience you get from PCs, the more mobile devices will raise the bar even more. This is because mobile devices are always expected to be “the next PC”.This is certainly what Qualcomm hopes to happen soon, and Qualcomm as a chip provider will be a big part of the change.In mid-November, Apple introduced its newest ARM-based and original Mac chipset, the M1.It is a 5 nanometer processor which makes it similar to the A14 Bionic for iPhone, but designed in such a way and specifically for Mac.This processor will be embedded in several devices, namely MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro.In its introduction, Apple claims that this processor will focus on combining performance and power efficiency. Regarding power efficiency, Apple claims that the M1 which is a processor with an eight-core CPU has the best performance per watt. Called, the performance of this CPU has the same power with only a quarter of the power of a regular laptop CPU.Combining the CPU of this processor, there are also eight graphics cards or GPUs, which are claimed to be the fastest GPUs in the world. In addition, there are also 16-core Neural Engine, Thunderbolt controller, image signal processor, media encode and decode engine, as well as several security features in the form of hardware and software.Apple claims that its newest MacBook Air, which uses the M1, is capable of playing 18 hours of non-stop video on a single charge. On the latest MacBook Pro, it can even last up to 20 hours.This processor also doesn’t need a fan, so the laptop will run quietly.Regarding performance, Apple claims this latest processor has the best performance without being slow in running 3D programs or editing 4K videos.Apple said that the latest macOS Big Sur OS will be optimized for this new chip, so performance will be better. Creator software like Final Cut Pro will be six times faster, and Logic Pro can handle three times as many audio tracks.

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