Kinds of Traditional Musical instruments in the Gamelan, from Siter up Gong

Kinds of traditional musical instruments in Indonesia is very diverse. Almost in every province in Indonesia has various traditional music instruments. One of the tools of traditional music of the most famous to worldwide is the gamelan.

Gamelan is originated from Java, Bali, and Lombok. Gamelan is an ensemble of percussion instruments the set includes metalofon, drums, gongs and spike fiddle along with bamboo flutes. In Central Java, gamelan is very complicated and laid out carefully.

In the ensemble of Gamelan is there are a variety of traditional musical instruments played in harmony to create beautiful music. Kinds of traditional musical instruments in gamelan music is very diverse. Various traditional musical instruments include the music instrument with the sound source idiophones, aerophones, kordofon, to instruments in.

Kinds of traditional musical instruments in the gamelan is played according to the melody that has been arranged in such a way. The following kinds of traditional musical instruments in the gamelan.

Drums and bonang


Drums are the instruments in the gamelan of Central Java and West Java which is one of the main functions set the rhythm. This instrument sounded by hand, without tools.

Kendang is mostly played by the gamelan player professional, which is already long immersion in Javanese culture. Kendang most played according instinct pengendang, so that when played by one person with another person it will be different nuance.

Bonang Barung & Bonang Panerus

Bonang is one part of a set of Javanese Gamelan. Bonang is divided into two, namely the Bonang barung and Bonang successor. Bonang barung-sized, beroktaf middle to high, while the Bonang Successor is bonang most small, beroktaf high.

Demung and saron


Demung is the traditional music of Central Java which was included in the family balungan. Demung is an instrument basic melody. In gamelan music, typically there are two types of demung that demung with tone pelog and slendro.

Demung usually made of brass metal and include musical instruments idiophones or musical instrument that is the source of the sound comes from the basic ingredients. The way to play it is to hit it with a bat special.


Saron included in the family of musical instruments balungan. In the gamelan, usually there are 4 saron, and everything has a version of the pelog and slendro. Saron produce a tone one octave higher than the demung.

In the play saron, right hand hit wilahan or sheet metal with percussion, then the left hand squeeze wilahan that struck previous to eliminate hum left over from the beating previous tone. This technique is called memathet.

Slenthem and Xylophone


Slenthem is one of the instruments of the gamelan is composed of sheets of a width of thin metal that is strung with rope and stretched over the tube-the tube and produce a low hum or echo that follows the tone saron, ricik, and balungan when played.


The xylophone has the source of the sound as much as 20 pieces of slats made of wood or bamboo. Bar-bar xylophone made of teak wood. The slats with the lowest tone has a shape that is long and wide. And vice versa, the slats with the highest pitch has the form of a short, thick, and tight.

Gender and Siter


Zither is a stringed musical instrument in the gamelan of Java. Siter has 11 and 13 pairs of strings, and put it back in the box resonantor. The strings of the zither played with the thumb, while the other fingers are used to hold the vibration when the strings other plucked, this is usually a hallmark of gamelan instruments.


This instrument is a musical instrument at metal that has 10 to 14 bar brass metal that hung above the resonator of bamboo or zinc, and tapped with a shape of a roundabout bladed of wood (Bali) or wood upholstered (Java).

In Javanese gamelan, used 3 kinds of gender, that gender slendro, gender pelog, and gender pathet barang.



Gong was the instrument of musical instruments made of bronze or brass metal. Gong has a central line 69 cm s/d 105 cm. Gong played by being hit with a beater special padded and it reads low. Gong usually hit when the sign of the end of the song.


The Kenong usually played by being hit by a bat. kenong serves as a determinant of the boundaries gatra, confirms the rhythm. Kenong is also included in the musical instrument berpencu, but the size is larger than the bonang. This tool also hit using a beater of the wood that is wrapped around the fabric. The number in a set varies but is usually around 10 pieces.


Kempul is one of the instruments that sounded, usually hung into one device with the Gong. Kempul produce a sound that is higher than the Gong, while the smaller ones will produce a sound that is high again.

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