How to remove panda eyes

You can try it turned out diverse. Dark circles under the eyes can interfere with the appearance. How to eliminate them is to compress water ice, compress the pouch tea, cream face, up to the action of certain medical.

How to remove panda eyes worth a try for those of You who have the problem of dark circles under the eyes. If panda is a cute animal, it is not the case with us. Instead of cute, have panda eyes can actually make the appearance so it looks lethargic.

Causes of panda eyes could happen

Before doing how to remove panda eyes quickly, You need to find out the causes of panda eyes could happen.

Basically, the cause of panda eyes can be due to various things, such as:

Lack of sleep or sleep patterns that bad.


Hyperpigmentation, when the body produces more melanin.

Reduced levels of fatty tissue around the eyes.

Thinning skin under the eyes.

Exposure to the sun too often or excessive.

The frequent habit of rubbing the eye area.



Tired eyes.


Genetic factors.

A thyroid disorder.

Infections of the skin.

Eye drop treatment for glaucoma.

So the appearance of the face back in sunny, do not delay to apply how to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

How to remove panda eyes naturally

The problem of dark circles under the eyes do not need to be confused.

Because, there are several ways menghilangkan mata panda that can be done.

Here is how to remove panda eyes naturally that You can try at home.

1. Enough sleep

How to remove eye of the panda is with enough sleep

Enough sleep can make the eye area so bright

One way to remove panda eyes naturally the most easy and simple it is to sleep enough.

Lack of sleep or sleep patterns, which can cause the face of Your overall become dull and pale.

As a result, a network of dark and blood vessels under the skin so it looks.

In addition, lack of sleep also results in a buildup of fluid under the eyes so that the eye area will look swell.

With enough sleep, not only makes the eyes so much brighter, but also repair damage to cells that occurs on the skin.

2. Reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeine

If You often consume alcohol and caffeine, you should limit your consumption as how to remove panda eyes quickly.

Alcohol and caffeine can make panda eyes more clearly visible.

Because, both of these materials can lead to mild dehydration.

3. Cold compress

How to remove panda eyes naturally this one is quite simple.

You can dip a clean towel into ice water or ice cubes, and then put it under the eyes for 20 minutes.

Cold temperatures received the skin can help reduce the swelling and help shrink the blood vessels.

With this, the blood circulation can be improved.

4. Compress with tea bag

Compress with tea bags are also into how to remove panda eyes quickly.

Tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, which can stimulate the blood circulation, constrict dilated blood vessels, and reduce the buildup of fluid under the skin around the eyes.

To use it, pour boiling bags black tea or green tea with hot water for 5 minutes.

After that, let stand until steeping the tea to cool and put in refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Put the tea bag in cold is over closed eyes for 10-20 minutes.

Then, rinse your face with cold water.

5. Sleep with the pillow that high

The sleeping position can actually lead to the cause of panda eyes may appear.

Well, sleeping with the pillows are arranged to the top of the can to prevent the fluid gathered at the bottom into the causes of the face seemed to swell.

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