Understanding Hacking

Hacking is a word that refers to activities that attempt to infiltrate digital devices, such as computers, smartphones (smartphones), tablets, and even entire networks. This means hacking (in Indonesian) and may not always be used for malicious purposes. This is usually done because it is motivated by financial gain, protest, information gathering (spying), and even just for the “fun or hobby” of the challenge.

What is Hack?

What exactly is meant by hack or hack? In the world of technology, hacking or hacking also means breaking into someone’s computer illegally. The word hack or hack comes from the old English word “haccian” which means cut into pieces, but deep hack also means frequent coughing. Long ago this hack was used for an abbreviation of “ordinary horse”, and now it is a word that refers to evil although it is not 100% like that. Many think that “hacker” refers to some self-taught whiz or naughty programmer who is skilled at modifying a computer’s hardware or software so that it can be used in ways other than the original developer intended. This is a narrow view that does not begin to cover the various reasons why people turn to hacking. Hacking is usually technical in nature (such as creating a malvertising that stores malware in a drive-by attack that doesn’t require user interaction). However hackers can also use psychology to trick users into clicking on malicious attachments or providing personal data.

What are Hackers?

So, what is a hacker? True, these are people who find and exploit weaknesses in a computer system or network to gain access. Hackers are usually skilled computer programmers with knowledge of computer security. Hackers are classified according to the intent of their actions. Yes, to better describe what hacking means and understanding, we must first understand hackers. One can easily assume they are intelligent and highly skilled in computers. In fact, breaking into a security system requires more intelligence and expertise than actually building it. There are no hard and fast rules that can categorize hackers into neat compartments. However, in general computer language, we personally call them white-hat, black-hat, and gray-hat. White-hack professionals hack to check their own security systems to make them more hack-resistant. In most cases, they are part of the same organization. Black-hat hackers hack to take control of the system for personal gain. They can destroy, steal, or even prevent authorized users from accessing the system. They do this by finding loopholes and weaknesses in the system. Some computer experts call them crackers to crack. Meanwhile, gray-hat hackers consist of curious people who have sufficient computer language skills to enable them to hack systems to find potential loopholes in network security systems. They differ from black-hats in the sense that black-hats notify network system admins of weaknesses found in the system, whereas black-hats seek only personal gain. All of these types of hacking are considered illegal, except for the work done by white-hat hackers.

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