Benefits Of Dory Fish For Health

Fish has many health benefits for the body, including the dori fish. In fact, dori fish is a source of nutrients needed by the body, such as proteins, vitamins, omega 3, iodine, magnesium, and iron. Dori fish more and more popular because of the typical food in the land of Queen Elizabeth, England. Now dori fish also can be consumed by the people of Indonesia.

Dori fish has a soft texture that makes it increasingly favored by many people. Fish this one has another name, namely fish and chips. Even so, there are still many who thought the fish dori has a poison and not good for consumption. Even thought the dori fish are ornamental fish blue that appears in the animated film titled Finding Nemo.

Alerts from Cozer, dori fish on the market is the catfish. Yes, dori fish is the catfish imported from Vietnam. The name of the fish dori it’s only just the trademark that are more modern.

The appearance of the dori fish or pangasius fish from Vietnam is slightly different with the results of the local cultivation. Catfish imports of clean white, while the fish pangasius local white little pink. You will make body more healthy by eating fish dori.

In addition to having a myriad of nutrients, the price of dori fish are relatively cheaper and affordable. So these fish can be one alternative to beef prices tend to be more expensive.

Here Are The Benefits Of Dori Fish For The Health Of The Body

1. Maintain the health of the skin

Dori fish can reliably maintain the health of the skin, make the skin becomes smooth and damp. Dori fish containing substances and nutrients that can stimulate the cells and hormones in order to keep the skin from radiation and free radicals. The content of omega 3 in fish dori is also beneficial for skin beauty. The content of this trusted to keep the skin that are not easily wrinkled. Skin cells that are damaged will be repaired by omega 3 which is owned dori fish.

2. Improve brain function

In addition to beauty, the content of omega 3 in fish dori have tremendous benefits for brain health. The content of omega 3 which is owned dori fish are able to repair cells damaged brain and trigger the growth of brain cells that is new, especially in young growing age so can increase the intelligence and concentration. Not only omega 3, fish dori also has iron content that can repair damaged cells in the brain. So dori fish are believed to increase the brain function of a person if consumed regularly.

3. Maintain eye health

Dori fish known potent in maintaining the health of the senses, especially the eyes. Fish this one has vitamin A that will maintain the health of the eye.

The content of vitamin A and calcium dori fish are also able to nourish and sharpen the focus on the eyes. So then the eyes would be much more healthy and free from the problem of myopic eyes.

4. Improve heart health

The benefits of dori fish that can maintain and improve the health of the heart. Dori fish can be used as one of the ways to maintain the health of your heart, because it contains a variety of minerals and proteins such as potassium. Content-the content is an important nutrient for heart health. Dori fish also contains unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the maintenance of the system work of the heart.

5. Strengthen Muscles

Do you often experience muscle weakness and stiffness? It’s good that you regularly eat fish dori. Therefore, the fish this one is can help in keeping your cells as well as muscle tissue.

The content of vitamins in fish dori can also restore muscle tear due to move actively. If you frequently consume fish dori, then you will have a muscle that is much more healthy and strong.

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