Actually, How to Become a Beginner Youtuber on HP?

What are the advantages of being a Youtuber?
Maybe that’s the question that’s on your mind right now, but the fact is that many people have started their careers and businesses to success through these media platforms. Therefore, in 2022, becoming a Youtuber or influencer is one of the businesses that many people are interested in.
How to Become a Beginner Youtuber Easy HP Capital
If you feel ready to get a lot of benefits from Youtube, here are some ways you need to prepare to become a successful Youtuber.
1. Strong determination to become a Youtuber
When you start, you certainly don’t have a large number of followers here and it takes some time even months to get high numbers.
But of course that should not be a reason to be pessimistic because if you are enthusiastic and confident, your hard work will definitely pay off.
2. Determine the Topic or Niche
For the beginning, don’t think about the number of subscribers you have to achieve because as long as the topic or niche you bring will attract viewers, the subscriber number will definitely increase.
Try to focus on one niche at the beginning of your channel creation. For example, like beauty, later you can expand it again by discussing ideas such as skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty tips.
In addition to the educational niche, you can use materials such as computer tutorials, designs, and other things related to teaching.
Later on, the video title with the topic you specify must adjust. For example, if you choose a beauty topic, one of the videos can be like Tips for Taking Care of Your Face at Night.
But as much as possible you avoid niche topics that are not good and can violate Youtube’s provisions such as Prank, Pornography, and Music.
Well, why can’t music?
Actually, it’s not impossible, but on Youtube itself there is a copyright that really pays attention to the copyright of a musician. If you discuss music that is not your own, later you will not benefit from videos that are subject to copyright even though they have a large number of visitors.
3. Create a Youtube Channel
Now, if you have determined what topic you want to discuss, the next step is to create a Youtube channel.

There are no difficult conditions to create a Youtube channel. You only need a Gmail account to register a Youtube account. But if it’s already installed on your cellphone, you can just open the Youtube application and make it.
Next, create a channel name that is easy for others to remember. For example, no more than 2 words so that other people are not difficult to pronounce and easy to remember.
Next, attach a cover photo, profile photo, and channel description. Make it interesting but still do not violate the terms of the platform itself.
4. Learn Youtube SEO
Not many know that a keyword is useful for displaying specific search results on Youtube. But it is not arbitrary and there is a way. You just need to learn at least the basic techniques of YouTube SEO so that other people can find your videos better with keywords.
You will put these keywords in the title or description box. For example, like how to learn design, of course, many people will search for specific videos with these keywords and this is the easiest way for you to compete for viewers with others.
5. Learn Video Editing Applications on HP
Because these tips discuss how to become a Youtuber using only a cellphone, so you have to get familiar with some video editing applications such as Cap Cut, Kinemaster, Vivavideo, etc. that can help make your videos better and have a cinematic effect.
6. Consistent
After entering the video creation stage, that’s where your creativity will be tested. Make it as attractive as possible but still pay attention to good quality for everyone. Do not let those who violate Youtube rules because later will make your video deleted from Youtube directly.
In addition, you need to be consistent in posting videos. At the beginning of pioneering try to post at least one video a day so that your video quickly rises and becomes the first video that other people are looking for.
So that’s how to become a beginner Youtuber with HP, easy isn’t it? You don’t need to use expensive things because even cheap cellphones can record videos that can be used as material for Youtube content.

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