7 Causes a Fast Computer is Broken and How to Fix it

Have a computer either it is a desktop PC, a Notebook, or both can certainly facilitate Your work. But what would happen, if the PC and the Notebook You are experiencing a decrease in efficiency quickly in a short time? It certainly will cause problems for You. Therefore, in this article will be discussed about the 7 causes of a fast computer is broken and how to fix it.

1. Electricity Is Not Stable

Electricity is not stable or off the lights in a sudden is analyzed main computer quickly broken, which preceded a decrease in efficiency on the computer drastically. This is evidenced by the research IBM stating more than 40% of the damage your computer occurs annually due to unstable electricity.

The damage inflicted is usually directly to the hardware such as the motherboard, hard drive, and power supply. To avoid a fast computer is damaged due to the electricity, You can use the stabilizer and UPS for computer and Your notebook.

2. The Computer Rarely Cleaned

If the notebook computer and Your work is slow, maybe it’s because You rarely clean the fan on a notebook or Your computer. Dust from entering the fan to the computer and the notebook will certainly burdensome fan performance PC/notebook, which ultimately makes the processor heat quickly.

If the processor is hot, then the heatsink on the processor, which serves to cool will dry quickly so that the heat of the processor becomes uncontrolled. In the end this will result in the PC or notebook You often experience sudden shutdown and make the computer quickly broken. It is therefore highly recommended clean the fan on a PC and a notebook, as well as cleaning Your workplace from dust.

3. Too Frequently Install & Uninstall The Program

It can not be denied that the programs today are increasingly interesting, especially the apps for office work and a variety of games. But, when You have too many programs and games on Your computer, then the computer will be more fast breaks, especially the hard drive.

Hard drive having bad sectors are physical will be very difficult to be corrected and have yet to find a solution. But You can reduce the risk of this one by reducing the install/uninstall software or reinstall the operating system on the computer or Your notebook. As for the other alternatives is the use of SSD as a replacement hard drive, because the SSD has a higher resistance, although more expensive.

4. Exposed Malware

It might sound funny if malware can damage your computer hardware, but it is really happening. Some malware may only be damaging to the system working computer and make the computer become slow or make some kind of file could not be opened.

But some types of malware and viruses your computer is able to sneak and change the composition of the binary on the driver so that the error occurs hardware that is hard to repair. For that You have to equip your PC and notebook with antivirus software that comes realtime protection as a preventive measure.

5. Exposed to Shocks and Exposed to the Rays of the Sun

For PC computer desktop may be the problem on this one are rare. However, for those of You who have high mobility have to be careful with Your notebook. This is because the components of the notebook is not as strong as PC components Desktop. You can use a notebook bag that can protect Your notebook from shocks.

6. Install Programs that do Not

Sometimes some of the programs available on the internet is indeed interesting to try. But unfortunately, not all programs compatible with Your computer. Some programs such as driver updates and webcam could bring a fatal problem when plugged in and result in the computer You are experiencing blue screen, even red screen. Of course, if it happens too often, then Your computer will not last long. Therefore, it would be better if You research the providers of the software and the app that You’ll install on your PC or Your notebook

7. Use Of Computer In Excess

In addition to electricity, the use of computer in excess is also able to drain the heatsink on the processor. Then, the computer fan will be forced to work to stabilize the temperature. In the end the computer will be faster experience harware fatigue , which in turn makes the system unstable and needed replacement components. If You plan to use the computer, either a desktop PC and a notebook, then it is highly recommended to use components such as fan and additional RAM equipped heatsink to stabilize the temperature of Your computer.

If the damage on the computer is left, perhaps at first only required minor repairs, such as cleaning the memory with the software or the cleaning of hardware, but if such things continue, then the computer and You will require replacement of hardware to have to reach into your wallet to buy a notebook that is new. So, have You take preventative measures so that Your computer is not quickly broken?

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