6 Marketing Communication Tasks And Salary

  1. Marketing Communication Tasks

Design, create and run ads. An advertisement has great power to convey information and a product or service to a market or consumer.
Making promotions. Promotions are usually held when there are big moments such as Eid, Christmas, New Year, or other moments. With the aim of stabilizing sales when sales decline.
Understand and conduct research according to market needs. With consumers will feel satisfied and the company knows what consumers need.
Building and developing a brand. Building and developing a brand is very important and influential. Because it will attract public confidence in the product and the company.
Analyze products or services to provide product reports according to market needs or not.
Marketing Communication Responsibilities

  1. Evaluating the market to find out market needs.
  2. Create a promotional strategy.
  3. Provide facilities to consumers.
  4. Develop and improve the company brand.
  5. Increase market interest and trust in products and companies.
  6. Checking the increasing market intensity for the products or services offered.
  7. Support the achievement of the company’s vision and mission.
  8. Enlarge the corporate or individual network for the company.

Judging from the duties and responsibilities of marketing communication for the survival of the company. It cannot be ignored and underestimated because the position of marketing communication is part of the company.

  • Marketing Communication Salary and Benefits

For the salary obtained by marketing communication varies or differs in amount. For the average – each month marketing communications get a wage of Rp. 3,355,000 per month. The following are the details of the marketing communication salary.

-Based on years of experience

Have no experience or have just graduated from education and get a salary of IDR 3,167,000 per month.
Less than 5 years experience getting a salary of IDR 3,230,000 – IDR 3,252,000 per month for marketing staff. As for the manager Rp 5,692,000 per month.
Experience 5 to 10 years get a salary of Rp 3,258,000 – Rp 5,287,000 per month for staff. While the manager Rp 5,734,000 – Rp 6,071,000 per month.
More than 10 years of experience earning a minimum salary of IDR 5,533,000 per month. For managers, a minimum of IDR 6,202,000 per month.

The salary earned every month for marketing communication can change and be different. Because it can be influenced by company policies and UMK (district/city mini wages).

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