Features Camera Hp

After getting to know the terms that are in the camera phone, then let’s get acquainted with the existing features in HP. These features sometimes do not all appear in HP. There is a HP that has full features there are not.

  1. OIS and EIS
    The camera on a HP will be very good if it has the features of EIS but it is better if it has the features OIS. What is the meaning of the second term?
    OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilizer or Optical Image Stabilization. From the name, it was clear that the OIS in the form of a system that aims to stabilize the image. Arguably, OIS is a feature of the work that catches the camera or video results remain stable.
    OIS is placed on the lens. The presence of OIS can avoid the results of photo and video that is too much shake. Therefore, HP has OIS in the camera is good because it has a feature to stabilize the photo or video.
    While the EIS stands for Electronic Image Stabilizer. As the name implies, the EIS also work to stabilize when you’re photographing or taking video. It’s just the EIS is not pinned on the lens but in the form of the program that is implanted. Because of the specialized program, of its stability is less so the maximum when compared to OIS.
  2. Fixed Focus
    Fixed focus or usually also abbreviated FF, is a feature to focus the object. As the name implies, FF this is a fixed focus which means, You as photographers can not determine the focus of the main alias is the focus can not be adjusted. Because that’s the camera with FF have the ability portrait limited.
    Camera with fixed-focus limit the quality and the shooting distance is a minimum. This type of camera usually use lenses are small, so do not pay attention to the photographic distance to the camera.
  3. Autofocus and PDAF
    Autofocus or shown also by the term AF. This term refers to the ability of a camera that can clarify the object photo as desired. AF itself in the form of digital features that aims to improve the quality of the photo. Because of this, HP with AF is better if compared to the HP only has the camera FF.
    In its development, the autofocus has a technology called PDAF. PDAF is the phase detection autofocus. In simple terms, this technology is a technology that allows the camera to auto-focus is fast and accurate. Usually the time that it takes only 0.3 seconds.
  4. HDR
    In the specifications of HP, it is often the term HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The photo with the HDR mode is usually better when compared with the normal mode. This is because the HDR can take a photo with the lighting more wide. Therefore, the camera on the HP that features HDR is certainly better than not.
  5. Night Mode
    This term could have the name of each vendor, bisaz Dark Mode or the other. However, in essence all referring to the same sense, the features of the camera to capture images in dark conditions. With this feature, the camera will capture images with high processing to produce clear photos in the evening.

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